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Title:Vodenje v Slovenski vojski
Authors:Horvat, Marjan (Author)
Work type:Article
Tipology:1.02 - Review Article
Organization:MORS - MORS publications
Abstract:V članku želimo predstaviti vodenje v Slovenski vojski v širšem in ožjem smislu ter nerešena vprašanja na različnih ravneh. Vodenje je proces in ne le dolžnost in tako bi ga morali tudi razumeti. Vodenje ne poteka le do določene ravni znotraj vojaške organizacije, temveč je pomemben proces pri delu z ljudmi. Rezultate in ugotovitve bomo lahko uporabili za lažje razumevanje vodenja in nedorečenosti tega pojava, na drugi strani pa za lažje razumevanje nujnosti zavedanja pomembnosti sodobnih izzivov vodenja. Prispevek omogoča bralcu celovit vpogled v vodenje v hierarhični organizaciji, kot je Slovenska vojska.
Keywords:vodenje, vojaško vodenje, Slovenska vojska, poveljevanje
Year of publishing:2021
article ISSN:2463-9575
COBISS_ID:68150787 Link is opened in a new window
Files:.pdf RAZ_Horvat_Marjan_i2021.pdf (332,26 KB)
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Secondary language

Title:Leadership in the Slovenian Armed Forces
Abstract:The purpose of the article is to present leadership in the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) both in a broader and narrower sense as well as to present the unresolved issues at various levels. Leadership is a process not just a duty and should therefore be perceived as such. It is not applied just up to a certain level within a military organization, but is a key process in working with people. The results and findings of this article can be used to facilitate the understanding of leadership and the obvious vagueness of this phenomenon, and on the other hand to enable a better comprehension of how important it is to realize the importance of contemporary leadership challenges. The article provides the reader with a comprehensive insight into leadership in a hierarchical organization such as the SAF.
Keywords:leadership, military leadership, Slovenian Armed Forces, command


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