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Military family readiness
Donabelle C. Hess, 2020

Abstract: NATO encompasses a diverse multinational environment and wide-ranging social support systems as most families do not have the normal infrastructure support they are used to. Assignment to a NATO base presents a challenge as families navigate military life, a diverse culture and language of the host nation. Military community support and services may be particularly beneficial for military families due to the increased need of such support during deployments, separations, and relocations. The goal of this article is to review the existing literature and highlight the importance of community support, services, and state programs that foster family resilience while stationed overseas; and how these protective measures may be applied to all the families of the armed forces.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: resilience, well-being, military family, community support, family support center, support services and programs
Published: 17.06.2020; Views: 4339; Downloads: 3
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