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Načrtovanje delovanja.Tema 1: Proces bojnega odločanja "Troop leading procedures"
Robert Simonič, 2016

Keywords: bojno odločanje, ukazi, poveljnik čete
Published: 08.03.2022; Views: 6; Downloads: 2
Gradivo je na voljo samo prijavljenim uporabnikom!

Robert Simonič, 2018

Keywords: vojaško voditeljstvo, prezentacija
Published: 08.03.2022; Views: 13; Downloads: 4
Gradivo je na voljo samo prijavljenim uporabnikom!

Poveljevanje in kontrola v Slovenski vojski
Avdulla Pelaj, 2009

Keywords: poveljevanje, kontrola, vodenje, Slovenska vojska
Published: 14.01.2022; Views: 557; Downloads: 14
.pdf Fulltext (1,10 MB)

Navodilo za uporabo in shranjevanje avtoinjektorja proti živčnim bojnim strupom »DOUBLEPEN OA« v Slovenski vojski

Keywords: avtoinjektor, živčni bojni strupi, Slovenska vojska, navodila
Published: 05.01.2022; Views: 7; Downloads: 0
Gradivo je na voljo samo prijavljenim uporabnikom!

Orkester Slovenske vojske
Erna Kerman, Klavdija Feguš, Maša Bertok Duh, 2021

Keywords: orkestralna glasba
Published: 17.12.2021; Views: 701; Downloads: 179
.pdf Fulltext (9,94 MB)

Violent acts against healthcare institutions and workers in Hungary
Gabriella Ráczkevy-Deák, 2021

Abstract: The present cross-sectional quantitative research aims to gain a sense of which form of violence is the most common in Hungarian healthcare institutions. It aims to assess whether communication, simulation, and self-defence training is provided in institutions, to find out whether workers would participate in such training, and to assess the relationship between training (communication, simulation, self-defence) and confidence. Healthcare workers are affected by most acts of violence coming from patients. The most common type of aggression on the part of patients and relatives is verbal aggression, including teasing, verbal abuse, and threats of abuse. The data show that communication training alone is not enough to make health workers confident. They should have a tool in their hands, e.g., practice after selfdefence education, simulation practice, as this makes it easier for the employee to communicate.
Keywords: aggression, healthcare, prevention, training, self-defence, confidence
Published: 07.12.2021; Views: 543; Downloads: 45
.pdf Fulltext (429,73 KB)

The public’s perception of the Territorial Defence Forces in Poland
Małgorzata Zielińska, Joanna Łatacz, Joanna Zauer, 2021

Abstract: The functioning and activities of the Territorial Defence Forces and the behaviour of its soldiers are among the many interests of the Military Office of Social Research in the Military Centre for Civic Education, which conducts social research in the military environment. Poles were asked if they believed that the tasks of this new formation should primarily be assistance in actions to combat the effects of natural and other disasters, defence of local people and infrastructure, or other military operations. The Territorial Defence Forces engaged in the fight against the consequences of the pandemic in Poland. The main goal of this article is to present the major Polish research dedicated to the Polish Territorial Defence Forces.
Keywords: Territorial Defence Forces, social research, social perception, SARS-CoV 2, crisis management
Published: 07.12.2021; Views: 594; Downloads: 52
.pdf Fulltext (456,69 KB)

Kulturna dediščina in njeno varovanje v času oboroženih spopadov
Rok Filipčič, 2021

Abstract: Kulturna dediščina oziroma kulturne dobrine so izraz zgodovinske tradicije nekega naroda. V zgodovini vojskovanja je bila kulturna dediščina pogosto uničena, poškodovana in izropana. Prispevek predstavlja zgodovinski razvoj mednarodnopravne zaščite kulturnih dobrin, obveznosti, ki jih imajo visoke pogodbenice Konvencije o varstvu kulturnih dobrin v primeru oboroženega spopada, nekatera najpomembnejša pravila glede varovanja kulturnih dobrin med oboroženimi spopadi, slovensko delovanje na obravnavanem področju ter pozitivne in negativne posledice (ne)varovanja kulturnih dobrin.
Keywords: varovanje kulturnih dobrin, oboroženi spopadi, Haaška konvencija
Published: 07.12.2021; Views: 543; Downloads: 18
.pdf Fulltext (310,78 KB)

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