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The EU-NATO partnership and ensuring information security and cybersecurity
Damjan Štrucl, 2021

Opis: The EU and NATO are important political and security organizations in a global environment. The development of ICT and the new challenges of the contemporary security environment have led to the signing of a joint EU-NATO declaration. Both organizations are aware of their roles, and of the importance of working together to ensure security, especially as security challenges, risks, and threats are intertwined with both virtual and physical space. With this paper, we wish to analyze the EU-NATO strategic partnership in ensuring security and defence in the contemporary security environment, based on a joint statement from 2016.
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Ključne besede: NATO-EU cooperation, security environment, information environment, cybersecurity, cyberspace
Objavljeno: 10.08.2021; Ogledov: 2910; Prenosov: 10
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Defence initiatives to strengthen the security of the European Union
Gregor Garb, 2021

Opis: Following the mission of the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS), and with the aim of achieving strategic defence autonomy, the EU Member States unanimously adopted and implemented various initiatives to strengthen the development of the EU%s capabilities: CARD, PESCO and the EDF. By achieving strategic defence autonomy as a priority, the EU will become a respectable global power and, as such, it will no longer be one that depends solely on great powers to provide for its level of ambition. In this way, the EU will also harden its traditional soft power to protect its strategic interests. Nevertheless, cooperation between the EU and NATO will remain essential and is crucial for European and global security.
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Ključne besede: EU GS, defence initiatives, CARD, PESCO, EDF, EU-NATO cooperation.
Objavljeno: 10.08.2021; Ogledov: 2824; Prenosov: 15
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Protecting critical infrastructure and critical information infrastructure
Henrik Beckvard, 2022

Opis: Regardless of how you define critical infrastructure, and critical information infrastructure as part of it, these are elements necessary for the functioning, integrity and security of a digitised society. Mapping what is critical (information) infrastructure and assessing the risks and hazards to it is a first step towards protection, along with a risk decision to either mitigate, remediate or accept the risk. For the protection of critical (information) infrastructure it is necessary to coordinate efforts and collaboration between sectors, which are often interdependent. Public-PrivatePartnerships (PPP) and cooperation within organizations such as NATO and the EU are essential.
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Ključne besede: resilience, critical infrastructure, NATO-EU cooperation, public-privatepartnerships, cyber security policy
Objavljeno: 06.07.2022; Ogledov: 2563; Prenosov: 24
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