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Families in the maelstrom of late-modern social changes
Alenka Švab, 2020

Abstract: This article deals with the characteristics of family life in the context of late-modern social changes, and presents various challenges that families are consequently facing in everyday life (among others, the division of family labour and the reconciliation of family and work). The author addresses these issues with a special emphasis on Slovenia, taking into account the specificities of the country. The main characteristics of military families are also presented. The author argues that research into military families should take into account the specific relationship between the military organization and the family, as well as the social circumstances that have shaped family life significantly in recent decades.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...of the country. The main characteristics of military families are also presented. The author argues...
Keywords: families, late modernity, parenting, military families, Slovenia
Published: 17.06.2020; Views: 4329; Downloads: 12
.pdf Fulltext (284,80 KB)

The relevance of military families for military organizations and milirary sociology
Ljubica Jelušič, Julija Jelušič Južnič, Jelena Juvan, 2020

Abstract: This article presents the history of relations between the military family and the military organization, which have varied from forbiddance, to ignorance, regulation, and finally to inclusion in the military community. The turning point appeared at a time of introducing all volunteer force when the loyalty of families towards the military became important for recruitment and retention of service members. This was also the moment for military sociology to discover the military families as interesting to deploy the general sociological concepts of greedy institutions, work-life balance, negotiation between military and family, etc. The militaries in Slovenian territory followed these trends. Slovenian military sociologists contributed an important part of the knowledge of Slovenian military families to global social science achievements.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: military family, history of relations between military and family, comprehensive care for service members of the SAF, research of military families in military sociology
Published: 17.06.2020; Views: 4367; Downloads: 18
.pdf Fulltext (380,39 KB)

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