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Joint civil-military interaction as a tool in responding to hybrid threats
Thomas Matyók, Srečko Zajc, 2020

Abstract: The current focus on hybrid threats and asymmetric warfare can seem little more than a return to the past. How far into the past should we go to recognize this truth? Many doctrines and theories from the Industrial Age are not valid today. We need to move closer to the algorithm as a guide to action rather than remaining stuck using a static paradigm. Joint Civil-Military Interaction is one option offering an open security code, combining experts and expertise on demand and on time. We must unite our efforts, and improve international mechanisms of crisis management to respond faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. Geography no longer provides security. In a crisis, it does not matter from which direction the threat comes. We are all in the same boat or on Spaceship Earth.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...we go to recognize this truth? Many doctrines and theories from the Industrial Age are...
Keywords: asymmetric warfare, military doctrines, hybrid threats, civil-military interaction, resilience, solidarity, end state, way of thinking
Published: 06.10.2020; Views: 4029; Downloads: 14
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