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MoD Library and Information System

Library information systems
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MoD Library and Information System

The MoD Library and Information System (KIS MORS) is composed of the Library, Information and Publishing Centres in Ljubljana (KIZC-LJ) and Maribor (KIZC-KAD), as well as of library units in certain organizational units of the administrative part of the MoD and in individual barracks. External users have physical access to KIZC-LJ and KIZC-KAD, while other library units only support the education and training of employees from individual units.

Organizationally, KIZC-LJ, as the system's central library, belongs to the Military Schools Centre, while functionally, it provides library support – classic and digital – to all MoD organizational units. As the central library, it manages the process of purchasing library and information resources (orders, inventory, inventory count), professionally processes library and information resources in COBISS (Cooperative Online Bibliographic System and Services) (cataloguing, bibliography of scientific researchers at the MoD), manages interlibrary loan operations and establishes new library units at the MoD. By connecting and cooperating with other library units in the procurement of materials, interlibrary loan, preparation of researchers’ bibliographies, information activity, use of the single library and information infrastructure COBISS, a common user database, a single card for all system libraries, uniform standards, similar work content and uniform user education programmes, the MoD Library and Information System is approaching the modern model of functionally connected libraries.

The Library, Information and Publishing Centres in Ljubljana and Maribor are connected with other library units within the system: the fire service college library (the COBISS book loan record is already functional), the Training Centre and the School of Foreign Languages, barracks libraries in Vipava, Postojna, Bohinjska Bela, Ankaran, Ajševica, Novo Mesto and Slovenska Bistrica.

All MoD libraries together hold 88,821 library items and 76 titles of professional journals.

The digital collection of full-text library materials includes about 1,250 bibliographic items.

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