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Bližnja letalska podpora v ISAF in MOM : diplomsko delo višješolskega študijskega programa
Boštjan Bavdek, 2013

Abstract: Diplomsko delo opisuje osnove bližnje letalske podpore v ISAF in na MOM. Dokument vsebuje osnoven opis sistema nadziranja oz. zahtevanja bližnje letalske podpore, usmerjevalca združenega ognja, letalskih orožij, uporabe različnih zračnih plovil in nevarnosti s tal. Opisane so tudi vrste ciljev, nakatere lahko delujemo, vrste protiletalskega orožja in načini preprečevanja delovanja po lastnih enotah. Vsebina je zgoščen opis delovanja bližnje letalske podpore, ki nam omogoča razumeti delovanje sistema na bojišču ali misijah.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...bližnja letalska podpora, International security assistance force, ISAF, letalsko orožje, usmerjevalec...
Keywords: bližnja letalska podpora, International security assistance force, ISAF, letalsko orožje, usmerjevalec združenega ognja
Published: 29.08.2014; Views: 8720; Downloads: 91
.pdf Fulltext (1,99 MB)

An assessment of the impact of relations with major powers on national security: Nigeria in perspective
Olusola Kolawole Oluwagbire, 2022

Abstract: Relations between states under the Westphalia system have been characterized either by power struggles or mutual benefits in all spheres, including politics and the military. It has been conjectured that the foreign policy objectives of major powers normally influence the national security of other states. Nigeria, a country in West Africa, is an example of such a state whose national security is believed to be influenced by its relations with the major powers. An assessment of the degree of such influence on Nigeria’s national security is the focus of this contribution. We point out that there is indeed such influence in areas such as balance of trade, military capacity, societal values and interference with Nigeria’s regional dominance.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ... international relations, national security, Nigeria, foreign policy, major...
Keywords: international relations, national security, Nigeria, foreign policy, major powers, geopolitics
Published: 11.10.2022; Views: 1941; Downloads: 5
.pdf Fulltext (363,34 KB)

Military burden-sharing within the alliance
Špela Boc, 2022

Abstract: Fair burden-sharing within the Alliance has always been a divisive issue and disagreements between the allies over this problem have been regular occurrences. The paper presents various ways in which the allies approach burden-sharing in NATO, stressing the differences between »input« and »output« measures, and the fact that it is very difficult to establish an appropriate formula and method for fair burden-sharing between the states. Too much emphasis is still being placed on »investment parameters« or input measures, while other forms of contributions by allies are not given enough weight. The paper focuses on the presentation of national military contributions as output.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...Alliance, collective defence, burden-sharing, international missions and operations, military contribution...
Keywords: Alliance, collective defence, burden-sharing, international missions and operations, military contribution
Published: 28.12.2022; Views: 1443; Downloads: 20
.pdf Fulltext (501,72 KB)

European security through the prism of identity and international conflicts (the case of the Republic of North Macedonia)
Oliver Andonov, Jana Iljeva, 2022

Abstract: The European Union, as an intergovernmental union, has been trying to create the European security identity as a reflection of the European security perception among all the Member States for more than two decades. In the implementation of this theoretical determinant in the pragmatic security policy, the question of identity at the national level and the understanding of the preservation of national security in the interstate conflicts of the European Security Area has emerged. One of the key segments of the security and identity issue is integrated in the basic interests of national security, and that is the preservation of the biological substrate for nation’s survival. The Republic of North Macedonia is facing this issue which will be discussed in paper through both the theoretical and practical aspects.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: international relations, Europe, North Macedonia, European security, national security, identity
Published: 28.12.2022; Views: 1256; Downloads: 45
.pdf Fulltext (386,46 KB)

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