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Title:Zdravstveni absentizem v organizaciji X : diplomsko delo
Authors:Mašič Pernuš, Lea (Author)
Černetič, Metod (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Work type:Undergraduate thesis
Organization:MORS - MORS publications
Abstract:V diplomskem delu predstavljam rezultate empirične raziskave, s katero sem spremljala zdravstveni absentizem oziroma bolniško odsotnost v organizaciji s 1312 zaposlenimi v letu 2011 in ga primerjala s stopnjo zdravstvenega absentizma v Sloveniji v letu 2011. Ugotovila sem, da zdravstveni absentizem v proučevani organizaciji ne odstopa bistveno od slovenskega povprečja. Iz opravljene raziskave je razvidno, da je bolniška odsotnost največkrat posledica bolezni ali poškodbe zaposlenega. V zaključku sem povzela dobro prakso zmanjševanja zdravstvenega absentizma v uspešnih slovenskih podjetjih in podala konkretne predloge za zmanjšanje bolniške odsotnosti v proučevani organizaciji.
Keywords:zdravstveni absentizem, stopnja absentizma, bolniške odsotnosti, raziskave, zaposleni
Year of publishing:2013
Publisher:[L. Mašič Pernuš]
COBISS_ID:513215874 Link is opened in a new window
Files:.pdf UNI_Masic_Pernus_Lea_i2013.pdf (1,44 MB)
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Secondary language

Abstract:Sick leave is often the result of disease or injury to the employee, and in certain cases can also talk about a non-medical reason. In that case, employees rely on already established disease diagnosis and various short-lived viral diseases, which are the reason for the apology absenteeism. In the framework of empirical research I monitor health absenteeism in the unit with more than 1,300 employees, and consider the establishment of procedures, functions and obligations of the employer in determining the abuse of the right to be absent from work up to 30 working days due to illness or injury.
Keywords:medical absenteeism, level of absenteeism, sick leave, research, employees


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